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#230 Arthur's Day @ Dublin Odeon (September 26th 2013)

Line Up: Hothouse Flowers

For the fifth year in the row I made it out for the celebration of my favourite drink. I love Arthurs Day and I love Guinness. It isn’t everyone’s idea of good fun of course but for me hearing excellent live music in some of the best pubs in the world makes for a great combination.

Tonight also doubled as the first of three night outs celebrating (some would say rejoicing) myself and the wife leaving Ireland. A few days from now we start our new life in London. The move is both exciting and upsetting. Exciting because we love London; always have. Upsetting because we are leaving Dublin; at least for now. Dublin is a great city with many great people…I will miss them all.

Arthurs Day Hothouse Flowers - Dublin Odeon September 26th 2013

Trying to guess where bands are playing on Arthurs Day is always pointless and so after a few drinks at Toners we headed to the Odeon pub on Harcourt Street as I knew one of my favourite bands; The Hothouse Flowers, were playing there. The Odeon is a recently renovated building and is a great spot for a gig. Thankfully we missed the big crowds though…the hip, the trendy and the young crowd. They were there to see Iggy Azalea (me neither). To be fair I am probably not typical of Ms Azalea's target audience. I am not hip, I am not trendy and I am definitely not young. By the time we got there they had be replaced by grumpy looking middle aged rockers...and their husbands.

The set tonight is played in front of a small but boisterous crowd. Small we may have been but hell we really knew the songs. To be fair the set list never holds much in the way of surprises so we are well versed. That's ok though as the lads always seem to put a lot of energy into their gigs. Hearing Liam sing is always enjoyable and I think they too were enjoying themselves. They did have big smiles on their faces after all. Although it is possible they were laughing at my dancing skills especially to the jazzed up version of Don’t Go...

This was the 12th (yes twelfth) time seeing the band. They are four Irish musicians who seem to love what they do. They all have their own musical interests outside of the Flowers and now just get back together as and when they please. I think that’s the right way to do it. They also know that they are good at what they do. They should do as it is 25 years since their debut album. They have never been a prolific band though and my one gripe with them is that it is time for a new album. It’s a decade since the last one so when you get a minute lads…

A great night. I guess the next gig write up will be London based...exciting times ahead.

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