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#179 Arthur's Day (Part 1) @ Dublin St. James Gate (Guinness) (September 23rd 2010)

Arthur's Day (Part 1) - Dublin St. James Gate (Guinness) September 23rd 2010

Line Up: Snow Patrol / Special Guests: Maud In Cahoots

Part 1 - Storehouse

Many had thought that Arthur’s Day would be a one off to celebrate the 250 year anniversary of Guinness in 2009 but Diageo was not going to miss a great marketing opportunity…and why the hell not when good music and booze was involved.

This year I bought two tickets for Dublin’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head, purely on the basis that the year before Tom Jones had turned up there. I was hoping that this might mean there would be another great guest (I mean who wouldn’t want to see Tom Jones sing in a pub?) for the 2010 event. All was arranged for myself and the Mrs to meet another two couples including one of her sisters at 5.30. Why the early start? So as to be ready for the toast at 17.59 obviously (yes, yes I know more marketing). Lorraine was making sure the others would be there on time; she kept reminding them not to be late so that we may be able to get a good spot near the small stage (situated in the beer garden). Her sister may or may not have a reputation for being late at times (yes you Jess) and so Lorraine made sure to stress the importance of punctuality.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Arthur’s Day concept then there is a main event in the Guinness Storehouse (which is partly televised) as well as gigs around a few other main venues across Dublin. This year those venues were Vicar Street, the Academy, the Village and the Olympia Theatre, as well as others in Galway and Cork. A lot of bigger acts play a few songs at these venues and then move on a pub to play another set. The HQ of the whole thing though is the Storehouse, which this year had a line-up of bands that included Snow Patrol, Westlife, Manic Street Preachers, Biffy Clyro, and competition winners Maud In Cahoots. It’s something I would have loved to have gone to but always feel that getting tickets for a pub is a better option. There is more chance of getting a ticket for a start and the possibility of seeing a great band in such a venue is too much of a good opportunity to miss. I went for the Brazen Head.

…The thing is just two days before the event I somehow managed to win myself a couple of VIP tickets for the Guinness Storehouse…   

I remember vaguely filling in an answer to one of those questions you get in an email….you know the ones…finish this sentence; “I really like Arthur’s Day because…”, I obviously came up with something reasonably good as I was one of the lucky winners. Not only that but the prize included a night’s stay in a city centre hotel – penthouse suite no less. Anyway now I had a dilemma. I obviously wanted to go to the Storehouse where we would get to see two or three great bands. The Mrs however thought we should still meet up with the others at the time we had been nagging about. She said that it wouldn’t be fair that we had pestered them to make sure they get there early only for us to now back out. In the end we comprised but not until after few crossed words. I say compromise… Lorraine won.

I admit I was pissed off. I really wanted to see the Manics and Biffy Clyro. I also liked Snow Patrol. Westlife…not so much. We decided to go to the Storehouse for a few hours in the hope of seeing one decent band and then Lorraine really wanted us to move on to the Brazen Head so we could meet the others and see which act turned up there. As it turned out Snow Patrol started proceedings and led the toast to Arthur. It was great to be in the home of my favourite drink and an Irish institution and although not the band I was hoping to see, Snow Patrol actually blew me away. They played a cracking forty minute (ish) set. Every song was a hit but the highlight for me was the duet on the vastly underrated song, Set The Fire To The Third Bar, with the magnificent Maud Reardon from Maud In Cahoots.

Once they had finished Lorraine dragged me away out of the place so we could walk over to the pub to meet the others. My mood was now filled with annoyance. I knew that if I stayed here I could get to see Biffy and the Manics. Families come first I guess and so I reluctantly went along like a spoilt child. The mood wasn’t helped as we ventured outside and the heavens opened. We got soaked through.

I was cursing to myself thinking that there had better be someone worth seeing at the pub otherwise I would sink further into my child like strop.

On to the pub.

Ticket: September 23rd 2010 (Part 1)

Ticket Price: Free (Won V.I.P. Tickets)

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