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#180 Arthur's Day (Part 2) @ Dublin Brazen Head (September 23rd 2010)

Arthur's Day (Part 2) - Dublin Brazen Head September 23rd 2010

Line Up: Plan B

Part 2 – Brazen Head

Having arrived at the fantastic Brazen Head my mood was immediately raised when we saw the others in prime location near the front of the stage. Whoever we were going to see would be up close and personal.

Arthur’s Day is great. Ok we were wet through. I was still annoyed that I wouldn’t get to see The Manics or Biffy Clyro. On the plus side I love Guinness. I mean I really love Guinness. Mixed with good live music it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Am I talking shite? Probably. I certainly was after the tenth pint tonight. We also had the little matter of staying at the hotel penthouse suite in the hotel to look forward to later…

Before that though the air was filled with questions as to who would be turning up to play. Remember that in 2009 the mighty Tom Jones had graced the Brazen Head stage. Who was it to be this year? The rumour from those sat near us was that Mr Mickey Bubble, or Michael Bublé as he is better known, would be appearing. Thankfully that wasn’t the case (not my cup of tea but nothing against him you understand. I’m sure the girls would have loved to have seen him). Instead Plan B of all people took to the stage. Ok, he wouldn’t be someone I would have hoped to see but you know what? He was rather great.

He and his band were crammed onto the small stage where they performed a great set to the buzzing Brazen Head faithful. It really must be strange for artists to do such gigs. Plan B must have found it funny seeing old Dubliners in their local pub watching him sing She Said and Stay Too Long. What they in turn thought of him and the other guy who beat boxed (I apologise if that isn’t the correct term…you don’t get much Heavy Metal beat boxing you see, so not that familiar with the boxing of the beat) I really don’t know. The majority in there though gave Plan B a great reception and warmly applauded him as he finished up.

Ok so tonight didn’t exactly go the way I had hoped but it was still a great Arthur’s Day. I had gotten over my little mood and actually thoroughly enjoyed Plan B and indeed the great Brazen Head pub. Next year we may well come back here. I think it seems that trying to second guess where a certain artist is going to play at these events is a waste of time. Pick a venue, go there, order Guinness, and enjoy whoever happens to turn up.

Long may Arthur’s Day continue.

Ticket: September 23rd 2010 (Part 2) / Wrist Band

Ticket Price: €5.00

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