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#181 Bangles @ Dublin Vicar Street (October 4th 2010)

Bangles - Dublin Vicar Street October 4th 2010

Talulah Does the Hula

Info: So for the second time in two years off I ventured down to Vicar Street (again dragging the Mrs…what a trouper she is) to see my childhood crush Susanna Hoffs and fellow Bangles, sisters Debbi and Vicki Peterson. This time we were seated up on the balcony overlooking the stage…not a bad view but as always standing is generally the better option, however my 6 foot 1” frame would have been towering over the majority of the crowd which was mainly made up of the female of the species…no bad thing.

Ireland’s own Talulah Does the Hula were the support act tonight and were surprisingly fantastic. They have superb harmonies and really gelled well. Keep an eye out for them as they certainly impressed. Think California Dreaming and you get the idea.

As for The Bangles? Well what do you expect from them? For many they are a two song band who were around in the ‘80s so why would you bother going to see them live? For me they were a group that at the age of 15 I could legitimately put their posters on my wall (I remember one full length one that advertised their Everything album…it was huge…my Mum hated it…so I put another one up next to it..Ah the rebellious nature of youth). I’ll be honest here and say that I loved their music but it was Susanna Hoffs that I really loved. I had a very real crush on her…and in truth I don’t think it has gone away. She may be 51 but hell she looks good. As much as I hate the term M.I.L.F. she is one…and then some. Yet that wasn’t the only reason I liked the band in the ‘80’s or now. There were plenty of other girl groups I could have followed at the time but none of them possessed the harmonies, tunes and song writing of The Bangles. Also they play guitar and chicks with guitars is sexy as hell (damn there I go again with my sexist, chauvinistic ways).

Tonight the Bangles rocked. No simpler way of putting it. For three women in their 50's they sound great and they make a hell of a noise. Starting with Hazy Shade Of Winter they remind you from the off what great musicians they are. Throwing Manic Monday early in the set is a masterstroke as Vicar Street is buzzing from the off. The harmonies are still great and If She Knew What She Wants showed them off superbly.

For all the hits played there are many lesser known tracks performed as well, some from their latest album Doll Revolution (I say latest, it is actually seven years old) including the fabulous Something That You Said, as well as tracks from their early days including Hero Takes A Fall and Going Down To Liverpool (a massively overlooked song that tonight has the three Bangles front of house to sing it).

Eternal Flame is of course played, a song that I remember dividing opinion when first released but for me it is an achingly beautiful song and made me fall for Ms Hoffs that little bit more. A cracking version of Walk Like An Egyptian is played as part of the encore and includes drummer Debbi Peterson singing a full verse (something which she wasn’t allowed to do by producer David Kahne back in 1987) and the gig is completed by a storming version of The Seeds song Pushing Too Hard which really does send us all home on top form.

Great gig. Brought back many memories.

Until next time ladies.

Ticket: October 4th 2010

Ticket Price: €35.00

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