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#186 Beady Eye @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (April 14th 2011)

Beady Eye - Dublin Olympia Theatre April 14th 2011

Support: Cheap Freaks

The house was rocking for the first visit of Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye. Admittedly they are Oasis without Noel (Oasis lite maybe) but tonight they still proved more than capable. Indeed the atmosphere was pretty fantastic, one of the best I have ever experienced in Dublin's Olympia Theatre (which is in my top three favourite venues) and to top it all Mrs Gallagher was in the house.  

It can be funny how different crowds for different artists can reflect those artists. Tonight at least 95% of the crowd were male and that meant zero queues at the ladies’ toilets which I don't think I have ever seen before...except maybe at Oasis gigs come to the think of it. Anyway the Mrs was delighted as she could go to the toilet without having a ten minute wait first which apparently doesn’t happen very often for the female of the species.

For 75 mins the band played pretty much their full debut album and a cracking cover version of an old World of Twistsong calledSons of Stage. I had never heard of it before but it proved to be a good choice and suited Liam down to the ground. In fact the lead singer was in great form throughout the set basking in the response from the crowd. Whether this had anything to do with the added incentive of having his mother watching I don’t know. She looked on from one of the theatre's box seats while other family members were dancing the night away. The crowd's chorus of "Peggy, Peggy" eventually got an embarrassed wave from the Gallagher's head of family much to the delight of the crowd.

So this was a great night for a band that may or may not last. History may say that they were just filling time until Oasis regrouped for a 25th anniversary tour.....however don't write them off just yet, as with Liam on vocals they are capable of anything. 

Ticket: April 14th 2011

Ticket Price: €36.60

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