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#127 Beautiful South @ Dublin Point Theatre (September 30th 2006)

Beautiful South @ Dublin Point Theatre September 30th 2006

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Two gigs in two days gets harder as you get older but tonight it didn't matter as I finally got to see local heroes Beautiful South for the first time. I say local as being from Hull it is that city that the band is always associated with.

Went along to the gig with a female friend and we both enjoyed it. The Point Theatre was never a great venue for sound but it didn’t stop me having a good time. Personal favourite was the immense 36D but Paul Heaton’s lyrics on every song always make me smile and it made the gig fly by.

The band broke up not long after due to 'musical similarities’, a fitting statement from the band that was always a little different. 

Paul Heaton is someone I admire immensely and I will watch with interest to see what he does next.

Ticket: September 30th 2006

Ticket Price: €46.20

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