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#116 Bob Dylan @ Dublin Point Theatre (November 27th 2005)

Bob Dylan @ Dublin Point Theatre November 27th 2005

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My first and only Dylan concert. I admit that it is only in recent years that I have grown to really appreciate his music. So many classic songs of course....unfortunately he didn't play many of them tonight. Highway 61 Revisited closed the main set and he played All Along The Watchtower as the last song of the encore but for me there wasn't enough of his other great songs on show. I must stress that I didn't know enough of his 'other' songs at the time and so maybe didn't get as much enjoyment as many others in the crowd.

The majority of the crowd at the gig were probably big fans and they seemed to watch in awe as they saw their hero on stage. A ‘living legend’ is a phrase that is well over used but Dylan really is that. Whenever the great man passes away I hope they deal with his back catalogue, his ‘lost’ songs, his overall output, with respect and dignity. We don’t want a new Greatest Hits record every six months like Elvis.

The biggest memory of tonight's show was watching Dylan grasp hold of the keyboards all night and never once using a guitar. I'm glad I went but really wish I had seen him a few decades earlier, however the man is a true legend and without any doubt the single biggest influence on any songwriter worldwide.

Ticket: November 27th 2005

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