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#1 Bon Jovi @ Birmingham NEC Arena (December 28th 1989)

Bon Jovi @ Birmingham NEC Arena December 28th 1989

Support: Dan Reed Network

My very first concert was to be on Bon Jovi's Jersey Syndicate Tour. Dan Reed Network were supporting so they were actually the first band I ever saw live. I fell in love with concerts on this very day and have been a gig-aholic ever since.

We had great tickets right at the front of the arena which was extremely lucky as we had booked them through a travel company (coach and gig included). How we got such good tickets I have no idea. There is no way that would happen now (2010). For a start it would cost a fortune nevermind the fact that Bon Jovi don't play that many arenas anymore.

I went with a friend and we didn’t know what we were doing at all, the two of us had big winter ski jackets on for a start. Yes it was December but in the venue they were hardly needed were they? By the end of the gig we were both ready to pass out. The heat was such that the sweat was pouring off us. 16 Year old novices. Each gig since I have learnt something new. Whether it’s to do with clothing or alcohol consumption or even who you go with....Gig going is an ever changing experience but experience definitely helps.

Bon Jovi were great of course and have been every time since this night but just for pure excitement of my first gig this will always go down as my favourite. The thrill of walking into the venue and seeing the Jersey Syndicate banners all around the arena will always stay with me.

Set list? I can’t find one on line sadly for this particular night however I remember Lay Your Hands On Me, I’ll Be There For You (with Jon’s croaky voice….they were getting close to burn out at this stage) and 99 In The Shade (with Jon running on a walk way above our heads) and a cover of Thin Lizzy’s Boys Are Back In Town (which at the time I thought was a song called Words Of McIntyre. Yes I had a lot of musical learning to do at this stage).

Tickets were taken off fans by venue security when entering the front section; however I managed to source a concert ticket from eBay in later years. Don't you love the internet? Basically I needed a memento of my very first concert…and got lucky.

I got the concert bug big style on this day and it doesn’t show any signs of leaving as I write this twenty years later. Thankfully it was Bon Jovi who I saw first and not some shite 80's band that would have put me off gigs for life.

Ticket: December 28th 1989

Ticket Price: Unknown

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