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#18 Bon Jovi @ Birmingham NEC Arena (May 11th 1993)

Bon Jovi @ Birmingham NEC Arena May 11th 1993

Support: Rockhead

Bon Jovi tour the Keep The Faith album. Support came from producer Bob Rock's new band. Don't remember anything much them to be honest although I think I liked them. 

Not great seats for this one...basically standing tickets sold out too quickly.....there should be a law against sitting down at rock gigs but tonight it had to be done. Good gig of course, they never do a bad one, but not the same as standing, especially near the front.

Radically different from the band I saw just four years previously at the same venue. A work in progress but with songs like Keep The Faith and Dry County they were on their way to greater things. The These Days album followed just a few years later and it was then that they were at the top of their game but even tonight they were a great live band.

Never, ever get tired of seeing them live.

Ticket: May 11th 1993

Ticket Price: £17.50

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