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#118 Bon Jovi @ Dublin Croke Park (May 20th 2006)

Bon Jovi @ Dublin Croke Park May 20th 2006

Support: Nickleback

It's a Bon Jovi gig so you know it's gonna be good but tonight was memorable for a whole host of reasons....the chief one being that I went with a new girlfriend; Lorraine. We had only being going out for a month and this was the first gig with her....would she pass my gig tests? Yes and No...

Before the gig we met up with another couple for a few drinks. The thing about going to gigs of bands you really like with other people (people who may not be huge fans) is they tend to do things differently. In other words not what I want to do! This proved costly tonight as we were later getting into the gig than I would normally like. A lot later. As a result not only did we miss Nickelback but I heard Bon Jovi's opening song, Last Man Standing from a portable loo outside the stadium. I finished what I was doing and started to look for the others. Once found it was a mad rush inside to get halfway into the crowd. I was pretty annoyed to be honest as I love getting near the front. I hid my anger well. I had to as I was trying to impress the new girl. Didn't want her to think I was weird or anything now did I?

Happily for me Lorraine was familiar with a lot of the Bon Jovi songs (isn't everyone?!) but she especially loved the Crush album and tonight they played her favourites It's My Life and Just Older. What she wasn't prepared for was the sheer awesomeness of I'll Be There For You sung by Richie Sambora. Always a highlight at any gig but seeing someone see it for the first time was a true highlight.

The band played a great encore including my three favourite Bon Jovi songs. Dry County, Wanted Dead Or Alive and Blood on Blood. Unfortunately during said encore, somewhere between Wanted and Blood, my new girlfriend fainted. Thing is, because I had only known her a few weeks I didn't really know what was going on. Was she ok? Did she have some sort of illness that I didn't know about? Did she have some sort of disease that she hadn't disclosed yet? As I held Lorraine in my arms the dodgy looking girl next to me panicked and was shouting at me to do something. I ignored her (pretty sure she was ‘off her tits’ as they say round these parts) and gradually Lorraine’s eyes opened and she smiled at me. She got to her feet and asked would it be ok if we could leave as she was still a bit groggy. Now obviously this was an important early marker in the relationship. What should I do?

a)    Say “of course darling” then pick her up and carry her out of the stadium in search of the nearest burger van

b)    Say “no chance” and make her sweat out the last two songs

As it happens I went for option c). I compromised. I led her away nearer to the back….but miss a song at a Bon Jovi gig…are you mad?! As Lorraine silently cursed me I watched in awe as the fabulous I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead played out across the stadium. Standing at the back is not an ideal place to be at any gig but tonight it was the best I could do in the circumstances.

What would you have done?

Lorraine happens to be my wife now but I make sure to bring up the fainting incident at least once every few months especially as there was to be further fainting incidents in the years to come. She tells me now that the real reason for her fainting was because of Jon Bon Jovi being so hot. Don't see it myself.

Great gig. Great girl.

Ticket: May 20th 2005

Ticket Price: €61.50

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