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#193 Bon Jovi @ Dublin RDS Arena (June 30th 2011)

Support: Vintage Trouble / Fallen Drakes

The second night of two from Bon Jovi in Dublin's RDS Arena.

Listening to some people you would think that Bon Jovi stopped making records around 1995, however a total of five studio albums in the last decade lends support to the "Hardest Working Band" tag. Of course it's live that they really excel and as mentioned in yesterday's review, one thing you can never guess from a Bon Jovi show is the set list. Ok so you know you are going to get Living On A Prayer but even then you don't necessarily know when they will play it. Over the years I have seen them open and close with it as well as hide it mid set. No big deal you may say....but trust me when I tell you that over the last twenty years I have seen quite a few bands continually play the same set night after night. It lacks imagination and to be honest is pretty damn lazy. This band however gives value for money. Tonight there were a total of twelve / thirteen different songs in an even longer show than the previous night....a mere 28 songs plus snippets of others.

Put simply, round two In Dublin was another belter.

Bon Jovi - Dublin RDS Arena June 30th 2011

Opening tonight with Bounce got the crowd jumping from the off and with the sun shining down on the RDS crowd everyone was ready for a good show.

Highlights (and there were many):

Sleep When I'm Dead along with Start Me Up moving into Bad Medicine and Vertigo (yes Jon....Bono Jovi!). Perfect.

Never Say it really 25 years old?

- All the band up at the front for Squeezebox and Love For Sale (including of course Tico's deep voice closing off the song in style).

Blood On Blood....will always remember seeing that in Birmingham in '89 with the Stand By Me backdrop. So happy they played it tonight.

Love's The Only Rule...this isn't usually my favourite song live but it was a fantastic way to finish the gig tonight. The night before it had been played earlier in the set and I thought it got a little lost but tonight

- Finishing by walking (hobbling?!) off the stage at the end of the gig just like at Wembley in '95 (This Ain't A Love Song). Love it. Prefer that than Jon turning back and getting the extra cheer for himself (which always bugs me).

- Playing for a few minutes short of 3 hours and never once letting up while belting out so many different songs from the first night. Something like 40 (yes forty) different songs over the two nights. Anybody else do that? (Yes ok maybe you at the back with your hand up....Bruce is it?).


- Jon having his surgery today. Good luck. Istanbul awaits in a week's time. 

- The Spanish guy behind me singing along to every song....very badly. Now admittedly my singing ain't great but my left ear drum hurts something rotten this morning!

Good live artists should be treasured. Good shows should be enjoyed by all.  It's not always about electric guitars, light shows and hand raising; sometimes it can be gentle acoustic music; other times thrash metal; other times pop. To me it doesn't matter. All I want from a gig is entertainment and enjoyment and that's what I have always got at a Bon Jovi show.

So thank you lads. Thank you for a great experience once again. You are never going to be loved by critics but the majority of artists I admire tend not to be. I'm not sure what that says about my taste in music but you know what....I don't care. 

If it's true that the band will take a well earned break when the current tour finishes ( then they will be going out on a high and with their fans blessing. And you know what? We will go away also; recharge our batteries and come back wanting more.....maybe a four hour show next time?

Ticket: June 30th 2011 / Wrist Band

Ticket Price: €91.25 (Gold Circle)

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