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#71 Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium (August 19th 2000)

Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium August 19th 2000

Support: Toploader / Dum Dums

A double header at London's most famous venue. Bon Jovi were to be the last band to play the stadium before they knocked it down and started all over again. A few of us met up for another double header which certainly didn't disappoint. Unfortunately I was to be the only one of us to do both gigs and so I was left all on my own for a stadium gig for the first time (this coming three years after seeing Oasis at London's Earls Court three nights running by myself). You may think that I didn't have any friends! Honestly I did, it's just that most of them weren't that big into music and the three that were more choosey in what they saw.

Anyway on this first night I wasn't alone and myself and fellow Jovi fan Andy watched as the band stormed on stage to The Clash song London Calling. I remember the sound being a little off at this stage (I think a dodgy speaker) but the problem was soon put right and what followed was yet another classic Bon Jovi gig.

Earlier in the day the much maligned Toploader supported and from what I remember were pretty good. The last British band to play Wembley I remember them saying!

Maybe there is something in the water in New Jersey but I have never ever seen a bad Bon Jovi or Springsteen gig. They work for a living. Some bands turn up and phone it in but not these guys.

Ticket: August 19th 2000 / Car Park Ticket

Ticket Price: Unknown

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