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#72 Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium (August 20th 2000)

Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium August 20th 2000

Support: Toploader / Dum Dums

So I was all alone for the second night at Wembley. I remember sitting down in the August sun near the front of the stadium without anything to read or look at (no mobile phone to play with still). How lonely it can be. I became a little paranoid and wondered if people were talking about the "sad loner over there" Once everyone stood up though I felt less exposed and let's face it no one really cares.

Another classic show this time starting off with Livin' on a Prayer and Bad Name. What a start. How confident must they be in their abilities to put on a good show that they start with their, arguably, two biggest and well known songs. The set list is forever changing with Bon Jovi (again much like Springsteen). They may not be a cool band to a lot of people but if you want a good show then there aren't many better.

I remember vividly from these two Wembley gigs seeing the Bad Medicine / Shout song combination. I had been surprised by it the first night (even though I had seen them do it before!) but by the second I was ready for it. I felt pretty smug and thought how cool I would look when I started jumping to Shout on cue before the people that weren't at the previous night's gig realised what was happening. I readied myself and JUMP! The people near me looked at me oddly as I jumped like a maniac even though the band hadn't started playing Shout yet and indeed had carried on playing the slow section between the songs. Simply put I was premature.......not for the first or last time in my life

Ticket: August 20th 2000

Ticket Price: Unknown

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