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#35 Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium (June 24th 1995)

Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium June 24th 1995

Support: Van Halen / Thunder /  Crown Of Thorns

One of the best Bon Jovi gigs I have been to. At the time they were touring These Days which was a great album and so made the gig even better. Went to two concerts on successive nights.

Supported by Van Halen with Sammy Hagar in full flow and the always reliable Thunder the shows really were excellent. Enjoyed Van Halen immensely and wish I had seen them more although I don’t think they toured much in the UK at the time....although I could be wrong.

The two gigs will definitely go down in the top ten of my best gigs ever. A wonderful time for the band during this period. They had outlasted a lot of their contemporaries and were seeing the fruits of their hard work. 

Great concert, with great music. A band at the top of their game.

Ticket: June 24th 1995

Ticket Price: £21.00

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