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#25 Bon Jovi @ Milton Keynes Bowl (September 18th 1993)

Bon Jovi @ Milton Keynes Bowl September 18th 1993

Support: Billy Idol / Little Angels / Manic Street Preachers

Another excellent concert from Bon Jovi on their I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Tour in support of their Keep The Faith album. Recorded live for Radio 1 in the UK hence there is a great bootleg of the gig. As is normal with Bon Jovi set lists change regularly and on the second night an extra 4 song encore was played...of course I wasn't there for that (Bitter? Definitely!). Bon Jovi are so consistent live that I can honestly say that I have never seen a bad show. Old time pros in 1993 after being together a decade and coming through the aftermath of the Slippery / Jersey mammoth success

The Manic Street Preachers opened the day and as big a fan as I am of theirs today wasn't their crowd and they were unfortunately largely ignored. As mentioned elsewhere I was and still am a big fan of The Little Angels who were one of the support bands and were as usual fabulous. Not so impressed with Billy idol who for every great song (Rebel Yell, White Wedding, Mony Mony etc) there were twice as many duds. When he really rocks then he is capable of great things but too much dross in there as well.

Ticket: September 18th 1993

Ticket Price: £20.00

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