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#21 Brian May @ Birmingham NEC Arena (June 12th 1993)

Brian May @ Birmingham NEC Arena June 12th 1993

Support: Os Paralamas do Sucesso

Mr May began the process of moving on from Queen and Freddie by undertaking his first solo tour in support of his Back to the Light tour. This barn storming show at an old stomping ground set him on his way.

The Brian May band including the legendary Cozy Powell on drums and old stalwart Spike Edney on keyboards.

The first of three BM shows in 6 months, each one proving to be better and better as Brian got into the groove and learned how to be a front man.

Wonderful to see Brian on stage and yes great to see him play some Queen songs on a big stage. A dream come true.

Ticket: June 12th 1993 / Wrist Band

Ticket Price: £15.00

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