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#62 Brian May @ Manchester Apollo (October 31st 1998)

Brian May @ Manchester Apollo October 31st 1998

Support: Deadline

Dragged my then wife along to see the axe master himself Mr May. She was miserable and moaned all the way through it. I loved it, but we were up in the gods at the Apollo. Thankfully she didn't come along a few days later to the Sheffield gig. At this stage I thought all women should be banned from concerts. I did eventually change my mind. Eventually.

The gig was great and Brian played more Queen songs than previously (or so it seemed). The gig included an utterly tremendous mid-section of Sail Away Sweet Sister, Fat Bottomed GirlsI Want It All, HeadlongTear It Up and The Show Must Go On. The encore was pretty damn special as well with We Will Rock You starting it off going into Tie Your Mother Down following up with solo album title track Another World and then finishing with a storming All the Way From Memphis.

Half the set list was made up of Queen songs which made everyone’s evening....apart from the wife's. She moaned all the way back home as well.

Ticket: October 31st 1998

Ticket Price: £16.00

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