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#63 Brian May @ Sheffield City Hall (November 2nd 1998)

Brian May @ Sheffield City Hall November 2nd 1998

Support: Six Stone Six

Managed to ditch the wife for this concert and went along with fellow Queen fan and good friend Mark (my partner in crime with all things Queen related). Another great Brian May gig with plenty of Queen classics thrown in again. Tonight we had the added bonus of Beatles classic, With A Little Help From My Friends added to the encore.

Unfortunately this period is best remembered because my marriage was falling apart. Heavy arguments were had before and after this gig. Just looking at the amount of concerts I went to in 1998…a measly two…shows that my mind was elsewhere. Luckily for me it wasn’t long before the world got back to normal and I was a single man again and the gigs became plentiful once again.

Ticket: November 2nd 1998

Ticket Price: £16.00

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