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#165 Bruce Springsteen @ Dublin RDS Arena (July 11th 2009)

Bruce Springsteen - Dublin RDS Arena July 11th 2009

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It pissed it what…he played 29 songs.

I’ll say that again….29 fecking songs.


Starting off by acknowledging the bad weather the first song of the set was a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song Who’ll Stop The Rain. I wasn’t that familiar with the song but in fairness Springsteen could sing the words written on the label on the back of my underwear and I would love it. Not my new underwear either.

Badlands was next followed by Cover Me…now we were cooking. It’s pretty hard to know what songs will turn up un a Bruce set list as there is never any predictability to the songs picked. What you always do know is that there will be a great mix of songs including new tracks. He is never afraid to play new songs. Unlike other artists he is not a Greatest Hits touring band for hire…not that there is necessarily anything wrong with being that. The Stones are rather excellent after all and have made some fine later albums however they never play that many new songs live. Admittedly there is a huge pressure on them to play the ‘ones’ the people want to hear. Springsteen doesn’t have that problem. He rarely plays Born In The U.S.A. for example. He plays what he wants and his fans love it. That’s not to say that he plays a set full of rare B-Sides. Not all at. He does have a great freedom though. Tonight we had new album title track Working On A Dream as well as three other new songs including the fabulous Outlaw Pete.

There are many sides to Bruce. It’s not all loud Springsteen. There is acoustic Springsteen as well. Both are great and both are on show at this gig of course. Unfortunately tonight (not for the first time at a concert I have been to) there were annoying drunks nearby. In particular there were some girls who kept talking all the way through the slow songs. As their very strong Northern Irish accents went straight through me I found myself listening to their opinions on the price of things in Dublin, especially drink. I can assure you that Ghost of Tom Joad does not need drunk accompaniment. Shut the fuck up basically…that is what I should have said. Instead I made loud tutting noises and moved away from them…wimp that I am.

Despite this, a great concert as always, topped off with another stunning encore from Bruce. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out is a song I have heard many a time but I will never get bored of it. A storming American Land was next and the crowd was jumping, Bobby Jean, Dancing In The Dark and a raucous Twist And Shout finished us off.

29 fecking songs.

As a footnote I should add that this was to be the last time we saw the great Clarence Clemons. He died a few years later. A beast of a man. A great of a man. Sadly missed. Hopefully Bruce will honour his memory in style.

Ticket: July 11th 2009

Ticket Price: €86.25

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