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#143 Bruce Springsteen @ Dublin RDS Arena (May 23rd 2008)

Bruce Springsteen @ Dublin RDS Arena May 23rd 2008

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Great first night of a double header for me but actually the second of three concerts for the Boss at Dublin's RDS. Not the best venue in the world but if you are standing on the pitch and get in the front half of the crowd then you are going to be ok.

In an ideal world I would have liked to have gone to all three gigs because more than anyone Springsteen varies the show every night. No one is as hard working on stage and no one provides as great entertainment as Bruce and the E-Street Band. They always give a 100% as a minimum and usually a whole lot more. Does that all sound corny? Probably I guess. Don't care though as the guy is a legend.

Springsteen gives you:

-       Blood, Sweat and Rock and Roll

-       Sheer entertainment. 

-       Amazing Music. Amazing Concert. Amazing Man. 

Tonight's set list was full of absolute gems of course from opener Night to main set closer, Badlands. The guy has so much energy, in fact the whole band roll back the years and give a more energetic performance than artists half their age.

Tonight I got my dream encore of Jungleland, Born To Run, Glory Days, Dancing In The Dark and American Land.

There is no getting away from it. I love this guy. I would see him as often as I could (finances and wife permitting), for those not versed in the way of Bruce then you really, really don’t know what you are missing.

Wonderful stuff...round two for me on Sunday.

Ticket: May 23rd 2008

Ticket Price: €81.25

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