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#144 Bruce Springsteen @ Dublin RDS Arena (May 25th 2008)

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Bruce Springsteen @ Dublin RDS Arena May 25th 2008

As always Bruce was great. No such thing as a bad Springsteen concert. Great music was played of course from over 35 years in the making. Being backed by the E-Street helps but I actually think I have a severe case of man love for the great man. It really is impossible to come away from a Springsteen gig without a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

New songs are treated as old favourites at his concerts. That is quite a unique thing for artists that have been around for as long as him. Having been to many such gigs over the years I can say that certainly is not always the case. Quite often silence and feet shuffling greet new songs. No tonight though. Radio Nowhere, Gypsy Biker, Livin’ in The Future, Last To Die and Long Walk Home from the Magic album were all superb but then again that whole album is fantastic. Not bad for an artist on his fifteenth studio album.

I have to say that I lied in my previous review. I said that I got my dream encore on Friday...well that can't be the case as I got an even better one tonight:

-       Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Born To Run, Rosalita, Dancing In The Dark, American Land, Ramrod and Glory Days.

Fuck me that was a heluuva way to finish a gig.

Amazing stuff. I love him....seriously...I love him.

Ticket: May 25th 2008 / Gold Circle Wrist Band

Ticket Price: €81.25

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