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#227 Bruce Springsteen @ Kilkenny Nowlan Park (July 28th 2013)

Support: Imelda May / LAPD / Delorentos

Waking up with a horrible hangover fully clothed, sweating my bollocks off in our small tent was not a good start to the day. Nor was having to queue for the showers, which after a thirty minute wait was not the oasis I had wished for. The cold water did a good job of waking me up…although not enough as it turned out. After walking the 3km into the city centre I realised that I had left the tickets for today’s gig in the aforementioned hell hole of a tent. After a €13 taxi ride to the campsite and back, we eventually made it to the stadium.

Bruce Springsteen - Kilkenny Nowlan Park July 27th - 28th 2013 Promo

We arrived as the gates were opening to make sure of another wrist band (I love proper wrist bands by the way. Note to any promoter from concert nerds like myself. We love to collect souvenirs from gigs and a wrist band with the name and date of the gig is particularly nice). The support for Round 2 of the Wrecking Ball Weekender was a little different and not so much my thing however it was still enjoyable. The Delorentos and LAPD both sounded good although I wasn’t paying that much attention in truth. In Imelda May though there is a singer who is loved by the Irish public. The wife used to find her annoying but Ms May warmed up the crowd today in style. Her hour long set  flew by and she even managed to get the annoyingly loud and drunk Americans in front of us singing Johnny Got A Boom Boom and Big Band Handsome Man

‘Why are you going to two gigs?’ I have been asked that question on numerous occasions in the last few weeks. Not on line of course where we fans know there is nothing wrong with seeing an artist many times. People in the real world though find gig lovers like you and me a strange species. I ofcourse have nothing on the Springsteen fanatics who travel the world seeing The Boss. It was a sign request from just such a fanatic that meant we got to hear Wild Billy’s Circus Story, a 40 year old song I never thought I would hear live. A rousing Spirit In The Night was played which will never, ever get boring. Darkness tracks BadlandsAdam Raised A Cain and ThePromised Land were belted out which meant that my guess that we would get a full run through of the Darkness album was incorrect. Instead we got the small matter of the Born To Run album. Yep I really did feel like I was in dreamland. Getting to hear the entire Born In The U.S.A. and Born To Run long players in one weekend was something I really couldn’t have wished for. Run was dedicated to Jimmy Iovine, producer of four Springsteen albums including Born To Run, who was backstage, and the ‘skinny Italian kid’ looked genuinely delighted when Bruce gave the dedication.

Other songs tonight included the stunning American Skin (41 Shots) and My Love Will Not Let You Down. Of the Wrecking Ball tracks, Death To My Hometown has slotted in to the set list extremely well and will hopefully stick around as it really is something very different. We got yet another storming encore with Seven Nights To Rock the highlight which included me managing to annoy everyone around me with my newly found dance moves. As last night the show finished with Bruce on stage alone, guitar in hand, harmonica at the ready. This time though it was This Hard Land that closed the gig in style.

A week that started with the Springsteen & I documentary came to an end after hearing 50 different songs fom 65 played and 6 hours and 35 minutes of music over a wonderful weekend from a superb singer and a superb band. What shone through both in the movie and the shows is what a down to earth guy Springsteen seems (we knew that already) and how fans just adore him (yep we knew that too). Fans can relate to him and remarkably, to top everything, he seems to be getting better with age both in the studio, where the last 12 years have been some of his most productive, and on stage, where he has no equal.

Enjoy your six week break lads and come back soon. We know you will. I’m glad I was at these gigs. It felt like a great event not just average gigs. I’m glad I took plenty of pictures…I took some fantastic ones. It’s just a shame that I lost the camera somewhere between leaving the pub at 3 in the morning and the sweat box of our tent. The Mrs made sure to remind me how I had taken the piss out of her, the night before, for falling arse over tit. She made sure I knew it was my turn to take a slagging. Fair enough I suppose, what with losing the camera and forgetting the tickets in the space of 12 hours I had seriously messed up. She felt good for a little while having the last laugh. It didn’t last long though as on the way back home we stopped to do some food shopping. The very hung over Mrs suddenly started feeling queasy and ran with surprising pace in the direction of the shop...before throwing up all over the supermarket’s nice clean toilets. I couldn't help but raise a smile, bad husband that I am.

An eventful weekend. One we shall never forget. As we got home I really didn’t want to have to take the wrist bands off my wrist but alas it had to be done...however I very much look forward to attaching many more in the future.

Ticket: July 28th 2013 / Wrist Band

Ticket Price: €90.00

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