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#240 Calling Festival @ London Clapham Common (June 28th 2014)

Line Up: Aerosmith / Joe Bonamassa / Walking Papers / Thunder /Richie Sambora with Orianthi

An A-Z of Calling Festival Day 1...

Calling Festival Aerosmith - London Clapham Common June 28th 2014

A is for Aerosmith. Awesome and Amazing. Last night of the European tour and they played a 105 minute set full of power, knowhow, guitar licks and more rock shapes than you can throw a stick at

B is for Bowes. Thunder front man Danny Bowes. Looks less a rocker, more a bloke in your local pub. Great front man though. Mrs Rock thought he was creepy and did dad dancing but each to their own

C is for Calling, Clapham and Common. Happens to be the place where I live. Half mile from front door to venue entrance. Nice

D is for Duff. Rock royalty in the house. Duff looks younger than he did at 25. Playing the small Pepsi Max stage with band the Walking Papers. Cracking set from the four piece. A powerful drummer, exciting keyboard player (how often does that happen?) a super cool front man and not a bad bass player. One of the stand out sets of the whole day

E is for Electric guitar. You can never get enough and rock festivals have them coming out of their arses

F is for Freedom Fighter. Joe Perry storming his way through an old skool rocker with a ‘Joe in London’ video showing behind him. Magnificent

G is for Gig Wankers. London festival / stadium crowds can be…diverse. Gig tourists mixed with a few big fans in amongst them. Alas also a fair few gig wankers. Pissed up pushers, no clue what a Mama Kin was or who sang it

H is for Harry. Harry James, Thunder’s drummer. One of rocks biggest personalities

I is for I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. I try to not like this as much as I do as it seems too main stream but fuck it what can I say…I bloody love it

J is for Jeff Angell. Walking Papers lead singer. Ticks all the front man boxes. Walking into the crowd with a cabled microphone took some doing but manage it he did

K is for Kiss. Not the band but Richie Sambora side of stage watching Aerosmith. Mr Tyler wanders over to him, they sing a bit of Livin’ on The Edge together then they give each other a big wet sloppy smacker

L is for Love in an Elevator. Third song of the set tonight and it never ever fails to get the crowd going. 25 years old you say? Nah can’t be that would make me 40…

M is for Music from Another Dimension! 18 month old latest album from the American rockers. Over long? Yes. Lacking in great songs? No. Only two songs played from the album on a tour supporting it…not good…but then again not sure many in this crowd would have heard it anyway. Oh Yeah sandwiched in between Elevator and Cryin’ goes down well but would have loved to have heard a few more new tracks

Calling Festival Walking Papers - London Clapham Common June 28th 2014

N is for No More No More. One of three songs from the 1975 Aerosmith classic Toys in the Attic.  One of the 70’s finest rock albums and this is one of the best tracks. Walk This Way ain’t bad either

O is for Orianthi. Sexy, cool and backing up Sambora in style. Hope she comes back soon. Would love to hear the Heaven in This Hell album live as she is much more than a second guitarist

P is for Perry. Joe that is. Sounds like Keith Richards and oozes just as much cool

Q is for Queues. Queuing at festivals is always a pain but in a festival this size not sure they had enough toilets for the crowd present. The queues got big as the bladders got fuller

R is for Richie Sambora. Guitar Hero. Seeing him play the front man is wonderful to see. Hope I get the chance to see him at his own gig soon. This is a guy enjoying himself again

S is for Sweet Emotion and Steven Tyler. No better way to close the set than the double whammy of Dream On and Sweet Emotion. No better front man to sing them. Two classics that I will be ‘singing’ for days to come

T is for Tom Hamilton. He has kicked cancers ass on a few occasions and it was a pleasure to see him on stage. And hey he co-wrote Sweet Emotion so nuff said

U is for Urinals. Safe to say the urinals in a Portakabin never work well. Cramped, slippery and messy  as hell

V is for is for Virtuoso. Only caught twenty minutes of Joe Bonamassa’s set, as I was busy trying to stalk Duff, but safe to say that he is a definite guitar virtuoso

W is for Wanted Dead or Alive. First highlight of the day. A song that will always give me goosbumps and Richie does it justice…and then some

X is for X Rated. The girl next to us who crouched down and went for a piss while four guys stood around her hiding what modesty she had left. To be fair she didn’t want to go to the toilet as she would never find her way back but when you gotta go you gotta go. Big respect whoever you are

Y is for You Tube. Never seen so many mobile phones at play. It bugs me and annoys me but yet I am the first one You Tube the next day…wonder if we could start having mobile phone free gigs

Z is for Zzzzzz. Fast asleep at 11.30 (cough cough). Getting home 15 minutes after the gig finished is something I could definitely get used to

Ticket: June 28th 2014

Ticket Price: £62.50

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