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#207 Camden Crawl Dublin @ Dublin Various Venues (May 12th 2012)

Line Up: Ghostpoet / Rhob Cunningham / Inni-K / Venues: Whelan's / Cassidy's

“The Camden Crawl Dublin is the first ever sibling of its namesake Camden Crawl in London”.

Camden Crawl - Dublin Various Venues May 12th 2012
Camden Crawl - Dublin Various Venues May 12th 2012

With over 100 acts (cutting edge live acts said the promo) spread out over 15 venues across Dublin the Camden Crawl (Dublin style) promised to be a unique event. The Crawl originated in Camden, London where it has been running since 1995 and now launches the UK festival season each spring showcasing that year’s most hotly tipped live acts.

I was unable to go to the Friday night’s gigs but made sure I had my tickets for the Saturday. Starting off at the coolest venue in Dublin; Whelan’s, we lined up to swap our tickets for wrist bands and the running order for the evening. I knew next to nothing about any of the artists playing and so was not in a mad panic to get to any venue in particular...quite relaxing really...and as a reult we took a leisurely stroll to see some great live music. 

First venue had to be Whelan’s. No music, just two pints of great Guinness…we would be back later. First stop for live music was Cassidy’s pub. One of Camden Street’s finest drinking establishments; it was also the place where I got to see two great Irish acts. The quite enchanting Inni-K was first up. I’ll be honest and say I was slightly mesmerised by her. She possesses a soft voice and the talent to play a plethora of instruments. Her 45 minute set was very well received and debut EP was duly bought by me (managed to get it signed as well…this girl could go far).

Next up in the same venue was Rhob Cunningham. Again an artist I wasn’t familiar with. He was impressive and obviously has a solid fan base as the pub was full in time for his set. He possesses a strong voice which reminded me a little bit of Marcus Mumford…not sure if that’s a compliment or not, trust me it is meant as one. Very entertaining.

Straight after Cassidy’s we went back to a jammed Whelan’s and witnessed a quite storming gig from Ghostpoet. Again an artist I knew nothing about; also an artist whose style would be very different from my thing. Having said that ‘my thing’ is good music and Ghostpoet is certainly that. He impressed with his ability to have the whole of Whelan’s do his bidding, including ‘getting down low’ as I think they call it. I must admit my aching 38 year old knees found that difficult...though just about manageable…getting back up was tougher however.

Ghospoet was nominated for the Mercury prize in 2011, quite an achievement for a debut album, (Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam). At 29 years of age he has a long future ahead of him and if he can make a rock fan like myself enjoy the experience of seeing someone of the ‘down-tempo trip-hop genre’, whatever the hell that is (I looked on Wikipedia I admit it, that’s what CMJ Magazine called his music) then he can win just about anyone over. Well maybe not my mother, she’s more into her Trance.

Next up was more Guinness and a much needed food pit stop at the fantastic Zaytoon. A highly recommended place for mid drinking session grub. After that we tried to get into a few other venues but in truth we were pretty beat already, a shame as I would have liked to have seen Cashier No.9 at Twister Pepper among others.

My only criticism of the event is that the venues seemed a little too spread out. It’s a long trek from picking your tickets up at Whelan’s to some of the other venues. If they were all down Camden Street then that would have worked better however not all are suitable for providing live music I guess. 

The Camden Crawl Dublin introduced me to three great artists. Artists I would never have discovered otherwise. I guess that’s the whole point of the Crawl and I for one hope it becomes an annual event here because this city and live music go hand in hand. 

Ticket: May 12th 2012 / Wrist Band

Ticket Price: €28.00

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