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#147 Cathy Davey @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (June 20th 2008)

Cathy Davey @ Dublin Olympia Theatre June 20th 2008

Support: Unknown

Irish singer / songwriter Cathy Davey played one of her biggest gigs to date at Dublin's Olympia Theatre and it was a great show.

I have been a fan of Cathy Davey's since her first album Something Ilk in 2004. She has come a long way since then as tonight showed. She started the set slightly nervously as maybe the occasion got to her also I have a feeling there were some relatives (parents?) in the audience as a nervous looking elderly couple sat in one of the boxes looking on. Its times like that when you realise the people you come to see on stage are only human and suffer from nerves as well. Cathy though seemed to overcome them very quickly as the show was a stormer.

When an artist has had only two albums it can be difficult to put on a strong show but included in the set tonight were already great songs from her new album as well as songs from her cracking debut.  Reuben, Moving, Sing For Your Supper and Cold Man's Nightmare were all superb.

Cathy has a strong stage presence which the crowd feeds on. There was a lot of good will in the audience as well and it was richly deserved.

This girl is gonna go far….if she doesn’t I will east my hat*

*I don’t actually own a hat 

Ticket: June 20th 2008

Ticket Price: €24.00

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