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#252 Christians @ London Jazz Cafe (February 11th 2015)

Support: Jackie D Williams

Apart from drinking too much and feeling intimidated by the 6 foot barmaid (I asked for stout she gave me Stella…I didn't argue) tonight turned out to be a really good gig. The Jazz Cafe may be small but it oozes cool (not that Mr Christian himself was impressed…although, as he pointed out, he wouldn't be happy if he wasn't complaining). Turns out Christian is funny (“anyone buying me a drink?”), self-depreciating (“we are hoping to sell ten copies of the new album”) and he has an easy rapport with the crowd (even autographing a 7” single for a fan). Highly entertaining.

    Christians at London Jazz Cafe February 11th 2015  Christians on Stage


Christians at London Jazz Cafe February 11th 2015

Christians on Stage

Forgotten Town, Ideal World, Words and Hooverwille are stand out as is last song, and the bands biggest hit, Harvest for the World. I admit it was a trip down memory lane but that is no bad thing. Great to hear they have a new album on the way though and I may well catch them again later in the year when they tour with Roachford.

The Christians play songs that warm the cockles. Soulful tunes sang with the smooth voice of Gary Christian. A voice that sounds as good now as it did three decades ago. As for the barmaid, turns out the Jazz Cafe doesn't sell stout…I stuck with Stella.

Ticket: February 11th 2015

Ticket Price: £18.00

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