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#128 Christina Aguilera @ Dublin Point Theatre (November 21st 2006)

Support: Unknown

Ok, ok I know. I have even less street cred now that I admit to going to a Christina Aguilera concert. Do I care? In a word; No. I like the music I like and have never really worried too much about that. Being a big Queen fan has never been the coolest thing in the world even back in my school days so I have got used to people taking the piss out of my music taste. I do admit however that in this case there was a slight attraction to the artist in question.

Christina Aguilera @ Dublin Point Theatre November 21st 2006

There is something about Christina that I always liked. Maybe it was her great fun personality or sharp sense of humour or maybe it was the stocking and suspenders she always used to wear. Yes that was probably it. I managed to persuade the girlfriend to come along to see the show and reluctantly agreeing off we set for the gig. This is one of those times that I really didn't know what to expect. I haven't been to many pop concerts over the years, they have normally been of the rock variety and so wasn't sure what to think. It didn't help that the crowd was filled with teenage girls and I must have stood out what with me being a bald headed man in his thirties.

The gig itself? Well, it was actually rather good. It was more of a show than a gig I guess. More of a musical based around her Back to Basics album. Starting off with a video introduction of the album, Christina made her way on to stage to sing lead single Ain't No Other Man. The thing about Christina is that the girl can sing. Maybe it's not to everyone's taste but she has a great set of lungs on her and can belt out a song. She also has a range of tracks from the stomping Dirty, to the infectious Candyman to the classic ballad Beautiful. All sang live of course which can not be said of some of her peers. She closed the gig tonight with the excellent Fighter which had the whole arena buzzing.

So overall tonight was a very good show. Different to the gigs I normally go to and if I'm honest way overpriced at €73.50 but I came away having had a great time. The girlfriend wasn't fully convinced. She thought that I fancy Christina a little bit too much. She was basically jealous....which made me smile. She loves Robbie Williams afterall.

Ticket: November 21st 2006

Ticket Price: €73.50

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