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#61 Cross / SAS Band @ London Cine Bar (December 13th 1997)

Cross / SAS Band @ London Cine Bar December 13th 1997

With: The Cross (sort of), Mark Shaw, Chris Thompson, Bohemians

As always a great Queen Fan Club party at Christmas. This time the venue was the Cine Bar in London.

The fan club events are always fun and you never know who will turn up. Spike Edney (Google him) is a legend and always has a great time with a band of randomers. On this occasion Mark Shaw (ex of Then Jerico) was joined by Chris Thompson and members of The Cross (No Roger unfortunately). Mark Shaw is a great rock singer and should have been a huge star. He is a snarling front man who reminded me of Iggy Pop in his prime.

Nice set list with everyone on stage and in the crowd on form and in a good mood. Ending with Rock n' Roll and Tutti Frutti summed up the feel good atmosphere.

Great stuff. 

Ticket: December 13th 1997

Ticket Price: Unknown

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