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#191 Cult @ Dublin Academy (June 14th 2011)

Support: The Minutes

The Cult have gone through various musical directions over the years from their early post punk days to the more mainstream rock material. Labels aside when it comes down to it they are just a really good rock band and have been for nearly thirty years. That's not to say that they have churned out the same old stuff for all that time. Not at all. A band capable of producing such varied tracks as Love,SanctuaryThe Witch and last year's Embers are not a band that simply phone's it in. Maybe not every step along the thirty years has been the right one but in general they have impressed helped by a masterful rock voice and instantly recognisable jangling guitar (Jangling? I know what I mean!).

Cult - Dublin Academy June 14th 2011

This was my fifth time seeing Ian and Billy and another good show. The venue was The Academy in Dublin; a venue that is made for a kicking atmosphere. I managed to mosh all the way through the storming second half of the set (always a good sign of a good gig). Even my fellow gig going mate managed to mosh duringFire Woman (no mean feat as he is someone who wouldn't be known for his rock moves. Usually a nodding head every other song is as much as he manages).

So the gig was great.........a few points though:

1) Pacing of the first half of the set was all wrong. After a brilliant three song beginning (startingwith the wonderfulRain) the next few songs just seemed oddly chosen and lost some of theinitial momentum. Ian and Billy weren't entirely happy at this stage (with sound levels etc) and ended with a mid-set rant (covering some potentially dodgy territory) by the lead singer before a three minute film was shown.

2) Mosh pits are great. Don't stand near the front of a small venue if you are afraid of gettingpushedaround and don't get annoyed if you do. Having said that there were a few over the top ‘moshers’ last night (no I'm not getting old...well ok maybe a little bit) which probably put off a few. All I know is that at the end of the gig my grey shirt had changed colour to a sweat soaked black......moshing obviously does the trick for me.

3) Crowd surfing is great, but yes it can be dangerous. The bouncers throwing out one fan for doing it during Fire Womangot an earful from Mr Astbury (its on YouTube people) . Bouncer cleared off after, probably pissed off with the Axl Rose type criticism he was getting.

4) Best question of the night was from my mate "Do you see that guy in black?" Best answer from me "Errr be more specific it’s a Cult gig!"

5) Never sure about the fox tails (at least I think that's what they are. Anyone like to put me right please do) that Ian wears...a little Spinal Tapish maybe?

6) The voice? I heard a few criticisms last night but for me Ian still has one of rock's power voices;changed yes but strong definitely. Check out last year's collaboration with Slash on the trackGhost.

Overall I had a great time, the second half of the set was wonderful and I was seriously tempted to go back for the second night especially after Ian said "Come back tomorrow it will be much better"! A new album is in the pipeline as well so things looking good in the Cult world.

Ticket: June 14th 2011

Ticket Price: €42.50

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