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#92 David Bowie @ Dublin Point Theatre (November 22nd 2003)

David Bowie @ Dublin Point Theatre November 22nd 2003

Support: The Dandy Warhols

Support from The Dandy Warhols (although I only caught half their set) was a good way to start the evening.

Top gig from Bowie. One and only time seeing him apart from a few songs (and the Lord's Prayer!) at the Freddie Mercury concert in 1992. An inspirational man and tonight he played 28 songs to give serious value for money. Singing All The Young Dudes and finishing with Five Years, Hang on to Yourself and Ziggy sent me home very, very happy. 

Would love to see the great man again someday but not long after this gig he had a heart scare and I’m not sure whether he will play live much again. A great shame of course but delighted that I got to see him in the flesh even if is to be a one off.

This and the second night were edited for the A Reality Tour DVD release the following year. 

Ticket: November 22nd 2003

Ticket Price: €56.00

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