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#139 David Gray @ Dublin National Stadium (November 17th 2007)

David Gray @ Dublin National Stadium November 17th 2007

Support: David Gray (!)

It has to be said that I love David Gray. Have seen him quite a few times before tonight but this will go down as one of the best. Just six months prior to this I had seen him at Dublin Castle. Yes it was a scenic venue but probably not right for David playing an acoustic set. Tonight's gig was being held at Dublin's National Stadium, a venue which has a rather misleading name considering it is a small boxing hall. Not a great place if I'm being honest. A nice size for this type of show but the layout of the seating made for quite a strange atmosphere. Luckily David was in sparkling form.

We made our way early to the show as David was effectively supporting himself tonight. Coming on at around 7.30 he played a short acoustic set including the wonderful Shine (the opening song tonight) and Babylon. The early start definitely caught out a few people as there were a few late comers who only took their seats in between the two sets.

For the second part of the show he brought the full band on stage with him. They played a storming set with highlights all the way through. David was in superb form, even making fun of the crowd for being quiet, and at one point accidentally banging his head against the microphone but laughing it off while pretending to box with it (ok you had to be there but it was funny...honest). He finished with the stunning Other Side before coming back on for a two song encore closing with the sublime Please Forgive Me.

Tonight the crowd was relatively subdued even though live David is entertaining and always interacts with his fans. The venue certainly didn’t help as the layout seemed all wrong. However the applause that rang out after each song and the standing ovation at the end of the show showed how much they enjoyed it.

You may not like David Gray; you might find him bland or boring. It really is a shame if you do as just a quick delve into his back catalogue would show an artist with a lot to say. 

Ticket: November 17th 2007

Ticket Price: €49.50

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