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#73 David Gray @ Sheffield University Octagon Centre (October 16th 2000)

David Gray @ Sheffield University Octagon Centre October 16th 2000

Support: The Czars

Having been introduced to the music of Mr Gray by my then girlfriend Fiona over in Ireland I couldn't wait to see him live again, this time in the much smaller Octagon in Sheffield. None of my friends had any interest in David Gray (then or now) but I managed to persuade my eldest brother to come along with me (somewhat reluctantly). This was at a time when Babylon had hit the radios in the UK and suddenly there was a lot of interest in the wobbly headed singer (sorry I couldn't resist that, every single review or interview of David Gray mentions his wobbly head...and it is annoying!). Indeed right at the start of this gig he said something like "Fucking hell, 1500 people in Sheffield....the last time I played there were 30." Classic self-depreciating Gray humour. It's a humour and common touch that have made him a lot of friends and gained a lot of followers over the years. He has been able to connect with his audience in a way others have failed.

At this gig he was simply stunning. My brother was even won over in the end although he found him a little slow at the start. The absolute barn storming version of Please Forgive Me left the audience (and my brother) in awe.

Ticket: October 16th 2000

Ticket Price: £11.00

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