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#140 Deacon Blue @ Dublin Vicar Street (November 20th 2007)

Deacon Blue @ Dublin Vicar Street November 20th 2007

Support: Unknown

A bit of nostalgia for me tonight. I have always liked Deacon Blue going all the way back to their Raintown album of 1987 and its follow up When The World Knows Your Name. Both albums full of energy and emotion.  They were a band very much of their time but yet they wrote so many great songs and always came across as down to earth and likeable people.

Yes tonight was all nostalgia but the crowd at Dublin’s Vicar Street lapped it up. I had dragged the other half along again (she often comes with me to the gigs under duress) and think she enjoyed it…certainly everyone there seemed to love revisiting their youth. It is easy to do so when a band has a great vocalist and in this band’s case they have two; married couple Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh. Their voices complement each other’s perfectly and all those great songs were on show with highlights including the beautiful Chocolate Girl, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again and Dignity and the energetic Queen Of The New Year, Real Gone Kid and Fergus Sings The Blues.

A show that warmed my cockles…whatever that means.

Ticket: November 20th 2007

Ticket Price: €44.20

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