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#84 Def Leppard @ Dublin Ambassador Theatre (February 10th 2003)

Def Leppard @ Dublin Ambassador Theatre February 10th 2003

Support: Ricky Warwick

Some bands are made for the big stage and Def Leppard are definitely one of those. I have seen them in arenas and stadiums and it is there where they belong not small venues like the Ambassador. Great venue though it is I think it's not an environment that brings out the best in the band.

I really enjoyed the gig and it was great to see them on a small stage yet I couldn't help thinking that looking out at 15,000 fans not 1,500 would have suited them better.

At the end of the day they were great, Joe Elliott is practically Irish and always seems to have a laugh on stage.

They didn't play Love Bites. The girlfriend was gutted.

Ticket: February 10th 2003

Ticket Price: €39.50

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