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#121 Depeche Mode @ Dublin Point Theatre (June 26th 2006)

Depeche Mode @ Dublin Point Theatre June 26th 2006

Support: Unknown

My concert buddy on this occasion was big in to the band and it was he that persuaded me to go. He had given me an insight on what they were likely to play and as with the Weezer gig the year before I had managed to get a probable set list burnt for me. In this case I had no real expectations on the concert. Didn't really know what to expect at all as although I had always quite liked Depeche Mode I had never owned a record by them.

As it turned out the show was very good with a few annoyances:

- Biggest grievance was the sound. Have seen a number of gigs at this venue over the years and I was half expecting the sound to be disappointing. It was an old venue and had always suffered poor acoustics. A year later the venue closed for refurbishment and was reopened as the 02 Arena in December 2008.

- I hate not knowing a band that well when seeing them live. Always feel like the one person not in the know. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that didn’t know every song but it didn’t feel that way.

Overall a good show with standout tracks for me: I Feel You, Behind The Wheel, Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence and closing song Never Let Me Down Again.

Good gig

Ticket: June 26th 2006

Ticket Price: €59.50

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