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#156 Duffy @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (November 24th 2008)

Duffy - Dublin Olympia Theatre November 24th 2008

Support: Unknown

Now this wouldn’t normally be someone I would want to see in concert but Mercy was so good, so catchy and so different in the current pop climate that we decided she might be worthy seeing live.

Verdict: Very good but at the same time nothing outstanding.

The first thing to notice is the great mix in the crowd. Yes there were more females than males there tonight but there was a good range of age groups and I certainly wasn't the only male there although admittedly I was a little outnumbered. 

Duffy started off slowly with the atmospheric Rockferry which showcased her voice perfectly. This continued throughout the set with the wonderful Serious, Warwick Avenue and upbeat new song Rain On My Parade. Of course it was the glorious Mercy that brought the house down and it really is a song from another time. In between songs she interacted well with the crowd and she comes across as a down to earth type of lady, quite shy if anything, which is nice to see in these times when we are used to mouthy wannabes with no talent becoming famous for famous sake.

As a whole the gig was very good, I was reasonably familiar with most of the tracks played and all were sung well, although there were a few that I felt were a little 'phoned in'. She was backed well by a terrific band and it was they coupled with Duffy’s ‘60s style that made the show pleasing to watch and highly enjoyable.

I would love to see Duffy continue her rise as she is certainly talented. I just hope that she doesn’t become lost in the seemingly vast amount of new female solo artists that are invading our airwaves. Don’t get me wrong I love a good female singer but there are plenty of just plain average ones around at present and it would be a shame if the Welsh singer goes the way of those.

Ticket: November 24th 2008

Ticket Price: €33.60

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