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#33 Eric Clapton @ London Royal Albert Hall (February 20th 1995)

Eric Clapton @ London Royal Albert Hall February 20th 1995

Support: Clarence Gatemouth Brown

Never been a huge Clapton fan but the thrill of another visit to the Royal Albert Hall was a major attraction. I had to take a sick day or two from work and somehow managed to persuade my mum to ring for me on the Monday morning!

I was unfamiliar with a high proportion of the 26 songs he played this night as he had just released a blues covers album, From The Cradle, but I could still marvel at a legendary guitar player at work.

Stayed the night with a friend (his name was Dick...he would go on to drum in a local band...I was very jealous of this as I was and still am useless at all musical instruments) at his very rich uncle's house in London. A big eye opener to say the least. From that day I decided that when I was rich I would buy a house like his in London and so be able to go to lots of gigs and bring chicks home. The rock n roll lifestyle instead passed me by however I live in hope.

Ticket: February 20th 1995

Ticket Price: ¬£17.50

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