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#168 Faith No More @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 27th 2009)

Faith No More - Dublin Olympia Theatre August 27th 2009

Support: Adebisi Shank

Some gigs are a let-down because the artist in question doesn’t play what you wanted to hear, some are a let-down because the artist doesn’t play long enough, others are a let-down because they are simply crap. Then there are those that disappoint because although they are ok you expected so much more. Faith No More fell into this latter category tonight.

There are a few bands that I really wanted to see play live and FNM were one of those. I had seen them play support to Guns N’ Roses some seventeen years previously but to see them as headliners was a must. Playing in Ireland for the first time in years and in one of favourite venues, Dublin’s intimate Olympia Theatre, set the gig up to be a potential classic. Maybe that helped build up the gig too much in my mind. It would be something special, something above the norm. Alas for me it didn’t live up to my expectations.

It started so well. In fact the start of the show was immense with Midnight Cowboy leading into a barnstorming The Real Thing. At this point I really was thinking that this was going to be great, this was going to be a top ten gig…however in typical FNM style they instead play it awkward. Like a stroppy teenager they do what they want and fuck everyone else. As I say I’m not a diehard but do know songs like Land Of Sunshine, Caffeine, Surprise You’re Dead and so on. Tonight though, to my ears at least, they were just blanket noise. Nine songs in things change with a stunning triple burst of Easy, Midlife Crisis and Epic not forgetting the Eastenders theme… Ok this was more like it. Then the teenager reappears and it is pretty much blanket noise again for the rest of the set.

I admit I’m more familiar with the obvious stuff and I’m gutted they didn’t play From Out Of Nowhere and We Care A Lot but also the less obvious I Started A Joke (which for some reason is a personal favourite). King For A Day was superb but nothing much else stood out for the remainder of the night.

At this point I must say that I have been to gigs of bands that I know every B-Side of and love it when they play obscure stuff or even just lesser known album tracks. I get frustrated at other people who don’t appreciate that and just want the hits. I get the feeling I simply wasn’t in the know tonight as the diehards seemed to love the gig and they are the ones that the band should be gearing towards of course. However as a non diehard I can only give a subjective opinion and that is I really expected more. It’s grand that they play whatever they want, that’s fine, but there were a few played that just seemed like pure noise.

A few notes:

Atmosphere: The atmosphere was huge and there is no denying that many in the crowd had a ball. Maybe it is the diehard fans that knew what was going on and the others didn’t. Apologies if that is the case but too many of the songs sounded like a loud mess to me. Now I like my music loud but at times the sound was distorted and very poor.

Mike Patton: Mr P is a great front man. There is no getting away from that. He has charisma yet for some reason scares the hell out of me. He commands the stage and is a joy to watch at times. Tonight stage diving majestically into the crowd during Easy was a set highlight. He does it so bloody well after all.

Verdict: When it was good it was great but unfortunately there wasn’t enough great for me. There are some here that thought it was the best gig they have ever been to, there are others that thought it was ok, and there are others that thought it was crap. That in itself probably sums up Faith no More. Not to everyone’s taste.

Ticket: August 27th 2009

Ticket Price: €54.80

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