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#105 Frames @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (December 20th 2004)

Frames @ Dublin Olympia Theatre December 20th 2004

Support: Unknown

A good gig from the Irish band at one of my favourite venues which always seems to make for a great experience. The Frames are a band that knows how to keep their fans happy. Don't remember too many specifics of this gig from a music perspective....however:

- I remember going with a few work colleagues (including two girls that I was manager of) and sitting up in the cheap seats

- I also remember getting pretty drunk and mixing up the names of the two girls. That really didn't go down well....unsurprisingly

- One in particular wasn't happy and didn't say much to me for a few days after

The joys of drinking too much.

Ticket: December 20th 2004

Ticket Price: €27.50

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