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#114 Frames @ Dublin Point Theatre (November 10th 2005)

Frames @ Dublin Point Theatre November 10th 2005

Support: The Chalets

First surprise of the night was Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan wandering on stage before the support band to play Volcano and The Blower's Daughter. Alas I was in the bar with friends, Eoin and Alan and missed that altogether. Didn't watch The Chalets either and only went into the venue twenty minutes before Glen and the lads were due on stage. 

This was a solid gig from The Frames. Opening with Finally and Dream Awake from their latest album Burn The Maps was a great way to start for me as up until then their set lists had consisted of the same old songs. Now there is nothing wrong with that necessarily when the songs in question are as great as the Frames back catalogue but if truth be told it probably was time for a change.

Tonight there was a nice touch by showing an strip (Google it) while playing Rent Day Blues and also a snippet of Wake Up by Arcade Fire before Fake.

I have seen The Frames in small venues and they have been superb and tonight again it was a good gig however I was left with the feeling that arenas might not be for them. This was still an enjoyable show but to me they are a small venue band and not made for the big scale. When I say that I mean it as a big compliment. Arenas can be soulless whereas theatres and clubs are full of excitement and atmosphere. The Frames belong in the latter category.

Ticket: November 10th 2005

Ticket Price: €30.00

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