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#83 Frames @ Dublin Vicar Street (November 28th 2002)

Frames @ Dublin Vicar Street November 28th 2002

Support: Unknown

A band that should be huge. Unfortunately only Ireland knows about them (of course lead singer, Glen Hansard only went and won an Oscar in 2008!). Revelate kicked off this gig which considering it was their most popular song is a hell of a way to start a gig (something Bob Jovi and The Stones have often done). Unfortunately this caught Caoimhe by surprise as she had gone to the toilet just at this she disappeared to the loos, on the band came and played her favourite song!

It was during this year that I think I finally discovered the joys of Guinness. Having successfully avoided the temptress for many a year, I finally tried one. And some nine years later as I write this I am still drinking it (my beer belly will back me up). Anyway it was Caoimhe that got me drinking it, she was a big drinker of it herself, something she loved and quite frankly something which she could drink me under the table with. Alas the big side effect for her was the inability to stop going to the toilet after every pint. Hence she missed her favourite song.

Great gig. One of the ones recorded for posterity on their live album Set List.

Ticket: November 28th 2002

Ticket Price: €17.00

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