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#12 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert @ London Wembley Stadium (April 20th 1992)

Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert @ London Wembley Stadium April 20th 1992

Line Up: Queen / Special Guests: Annie Lennox / Bob Geldolf / David Bowie / Def Leppard / Elton John / Extreme / George Michael / Guns n' Roses / Ian Hunter / Lisa Stansfield / Liza Minnelli / Metallica / Mick Ronson / Paul Young / Robert Plant / Seal / Spinal Tap / Tony Iommi / Zucchero

A special day for all Queen fans. We were all highly emotional for the whole concert. Seeing Freddie Mercury on the video screens from the 1986 Wembley concert was quite surreal. Singing back to his was upsetting and fabulous in equal measures.

Great to see Def Leppard, Gun's n Roses, Metallica and Extreme play a few songs each but it was the highlight of my life seeing Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon on stage together. Unfortunately it was not in the circumstances that I would have preferred of course.

George Michael was the best on the day, the only one that could sing the full range like Freddie. Some surreal moments like Bowie and the Lord’s Prayer and Elizabeth Taylor overplaying her bit and Liza Minnelli leading Duff and Slash and many others in a sing along chorus of We Are The Champions.

Fabulous day out with lots of my favourite bands playing. Emotional but fun. A truly great atmosphere with everyone there for the same reason….yes to support Aids awareness but mainly to say goodbye to Fred.

Ticket: April 20th 1992

Ticket Price: £25.00

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