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#189 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Button Factory (May 27th 2011)

Support: Ann Scott

If you live outside of Ireland then you may not be familiar with Gemma Hayes. Well all I can say is that you are missing out! She is an Irish singer songwriter who this year has been in the music business ten years. 2001 saw the release of her debut EP:4.35amand after gigging intermittently around Ireland over the past few years has just released fourth album Let It Break. She celebrated in style playing a gig on album release day at The Button Factory in Dublin's Temple Bar district.

Gemma Hayes - Dublin Button Factory May 27th 2011

Quite a few of the songs on the album have been played live before in one form or another meaning that they had been worked on in the best way. Tonight some of these tracks such as Shock to the System, Keep Running,and beautiful closerNoisesat effortlessly alongside older favourites such as Let a Good Thing Go andOliver(yes Gemma we have all heard that story before...once or twice!). Throw in a simply stunning version of the Kate Bush classicCloudbustingand she had the Button Factory audience spellbound.

Mixing acoustic and full band songs made for an interesting contrast and the Button Factory is a nice intimate venue, perfect for this type of gig...except for the bar at the back. Yes again I know I am getting old but during acoustic songs it shouldn’t be much to ask for some respect for the artist. Yes I was stood towards the back (no moshing at a Gemma Hayes gig!) but the venue is small and is it really difficult for bar staff to not talk amongst themselves while the slow songs are being played?

Luckily the chatty bar staff didn't distract from a wonderful show from Gemma. She obviously enjoyed tonight's gig and was genuinely touched by the crowd's response to her. It was a pleasure to see her play live again and will be making sure I get to another show as soon as I can.

A talented, multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter with a beautiful voice. Not bad for a girl from Ballyporeen, Tipperary.

Ticket: May 27th 2011

Ticket Price: €16.00

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