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#172 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Crawdaddy (December 4th 2009)

172 Gemma Hayes - Dublin Crawdaddy December 4th 2009

Support: Ann Scott

There is nothing like a Gemma Hayes gig to chill out to. They are relaxing and when she does the acoustic gigs you know you are just going to see her on guitar and that’s pretty much it.

That of course is forgetting her usual partner in crime, Ann Scott. It must be a little odd for Ann. She nearly always supports Gemma at her gigs and then plays on stage with her during her set (on guitar or keyboards). Having seen her a few times at this stage I sort of get the feeling she needs to move on and go it alone. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy her songs as I do. They are pleasant but nothing outstanding….maybe a change would do her good. Free yourself from Gemma, Ann!

Standing is not a priority at a Gemma Hayes gig. She is there to be listened to, not moshed at. As a consequence we had booked seating tickets. These were upstairs in the Crawdaddy which I never knew existed. In truth the seats  were a little cramped but as a bonus though there was a bar just for the people there and considering there can’t have been more than 100 up there then it was actually pretty cool.

One thing with booking seats is that you can pretty much guarantee someone will get the wrong ones. This usually happens to me when I book seats on a train. There is always some fucker there chancing their arm, “Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t realise these were reserved”. Yer right, dick head. Well sure enough someone was in our tonight. I was particularly pissed off as the seats were middle front row…I should know as I had booked the fecking things. As soon as I asked the two ‘gents’ to move I knew they were going to be awkward. After a few choice words they eventually got up and managed to have pretty much the same argument with two other people in two different seats before finally being told by event staff to go and find their own…which happened to be at the back. I wept a few tears of joy.

Gemma was class. She always is in truth although one criticism of her would be that she doesn’t change her set list enough. As it turned out tonight she played some newer ‘works in progress’ songs that sounded fab. Highlight of the evening though was her version of the Kate Bush classic, Cloudbusting. She sang it quite divinely and it was worth coming along for on its own. As well as that we had acoustic versions of much of her back catalogue including the wonderful Oliver and Happy Sad (definitely better sang acoustically than on record).

If you aren’t familiar with Gemma (and many outside of Ireland won’t be) then I thoroughly recommend you check her songs out. You have probably heard one or two of her songs without realising as quite a few have been on TV programmes (Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and more). She is a fantastic singer but it is her skill as a songwriter that stands out. A rare thing in this plastic pop era we live in.

Ticket: December 4th 2009

Ticket Price: €22.50

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