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#175 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Dundrum Mill Theatre (January 30th 2010)

Gemma Hayes - Dublin Dundrum Mill Theatre January 30th 2010

Support: Ann Scott

A few things about this gig:

- It’s January. I never go to gigs in January. Seriously without looking back at the previous gigs I remember very few that took place in what can only be described as a hellish month. The month where very little happens due to overspending and over drinking in December; the month were I go on detox and barely leave the house.

- Very odd venue for music as it looks and feels more like a lecture theatre than a music venue. The seating is just like that of the theatres from my student days. It felt as though we were right on top of the stage and must have been a little off putting for Gemma.

- Ann Scott was the support as always and backed Gemma on some of her own songs as well. I have said it before but I think they need to have a break from each other for a while. Ann should go away and build up her own following. She is a talented artist and seems really chilled and funny. Just think it is time for a change of scene for both her and Gemma.

- I only saw Gemma 7 weeks previously where she gave a quite brilliant performance.

So taking the second point first…as you do…then this isn’t a venue that is suited for music. Gemma was playing an acoustic gig tonight and so maybe it wasn’t as unsuitable as if it were a full on electric gig but still…It felt more like she was giving a guitar lesson to students. The feeling and vibe of the venue was all off and as a result the show was a little muted. That’s not to say that I didn’t find it enjoyable. Gemma was in great form and joked about the seating arrangement…it needed saying to be fair.

She tried out lots of new songs and all sounded great. I find it hard to judge songs as to how successful they could be. Does anyone really know (unless your name is Simon Cowell and you know what shite sells)? All I can judge her songs on is personal opinion and to me there are some great new songs in the pipeline. Not entirely sure on the names but the ones I did catch and have heard before were Tokyo, Waiting For You and Shock To The System. All three of those are hits in the making…but as I said, what the hell do I know?

In truth the gig tonight was just ok. Not Gemma’s fault really but I feel a combination of the venue and the fact that it is January and everyone was a little subdued probably didn’t help matters. The crowd enjoyed themselves, or at least they seemed to, but it felt a little ‘by numbers’ tonight.

So not one of her more memorable performances but still a talented singer / songwriter who needs that break to make the big time…although she probably doesn’t care one way or the other. If there is one major thing that is great about Irish musicians then it is that they do it because they love it and not because they want to make it big and become famous (there are obvious exceptions in the more pop orientated areas of course). Gemma is a reluctant star in the waiting and if there was any justice then it is artists like her that deserve to be widely heard and not the throwaway trash that bombards us over the airwaves. 

Ticket: January 30th 2010

Ticket Price: €18.00

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