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#184 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Howth Summit Inn (November 12th 2010)

Gemma Hayes - Dublin Howth Summit Inn November 12th 2010

Support: Ciara Stone / With: Ann Scott

An intimate gig in what can only be described as an old Irish country nightclub. Do you know the type? It’s where they serve beer out of cans and give you a plastic cup to drink it. In fairness the pub that the said night club was attached to was quite nice. 

Aptly named, The Summit Inn overlooks the beautiful seaside village of Howth. Admittedly as we walked in to the pub the heads turned and you got the feeling that they weren’t used to strange unknown types in their bar. After swiftly necking a few pints we went outside and queued up at the entrance to the club.

After a little wait we were eventually let in by an old timer on the door. He stamped our hand as we showed our ticket. Nothing odd there except that the stamp didn’t say the name of the club or ‘Ticket Seen’ or anything like that. No instead we proudly had ‘Faxed’ emblazoned on us for the rest of the night…only in Ireland.

We were very early for the gig. I always get there early. I hate missing anything and so make sure to arrive before the sane people. Tonight it meant that we got a table. Yes there were tables (I told you it was a country nightclub). After a couple of pints Gemma walked into the room and mingled with friends amongst the crowd. As you can tell it was an extremely laid back concert.

Gemma played an acoustic set with the purpose of trying out songs from her forthcoming new album. The great thing about this gig (as opposed to most in such venues) was that even though the room was packed there was a highly respectful crowd in who actually listened to the songs. There was very little bar chatter which is often a problem at quiet gigs with bars at the back. This was shown from the off as Gemma opened up with a tribute to the late Liam Clancy, a beautiful A Fond Kiss. The room was silent. Not a whisper. Perfect.

Shock To The System and Tokyo are two of the new songs played and are both trademark Gemma, in fact they more than stand alongside older songs such as Back Of My Hand and Happy Sad. For me though the highlight is her quite wonderful version of Kate Bushes Cloudbusting. Stunning.

Gemma was in great form all night backed as usual by Ann Scott. Afterwards she sat down on a table near us and enjoyed a glass (paper cup) of white wine. Yes the venue may not have been the most glamorous but the gig was still superb. A classy girl in a not so classy joint then? Well both were highly enjoyable tonight; the former was her usual great self the latter surprised with a wonderful atmosphere and highly respectful crowd.

Ticket: November 12th 2010

Ticket Price: €16.99

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