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#190 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Tower Records (June 2nd 2011)

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Support: N/A / With: Ann Scott

Tower Records in Dublin is an independent record store (as of 2003). A dying breed across Ireland which unfortunately mirrors the international trend. Tower is the best store in Dublin.....hands down. There are a few other good independent stores but Tower has it all. From the great record selection (especially vinyl which happily has made a comeback in the last few much so that I finally got round to fixing my turntable after 3 years not working) to the great Sound Bites cafe. They regularly have in store sets from Irish artists and more.

Gemma continued her promotion for new album Let It Break tonight by playing a short in-store set (helped by usual suspect, Ann Scott). A handful of songs including the sublime Waiting For You and Keep Running were played which the knowledgeable and appreciative crowd enjoyed. Gemma stayed around to sign copies of her album...which meant I bought it again just so I could get her signature! Hey so I have two copies now...anything to help an Irish artist! I have always been a little shy about getting signatures from people I admire. I have only done it a few times and can get too nervous. I have generally said something stupid or geeky (or really geeky like "Oh I really admired your 1976 B-Side to the Indonesian single of ...") or if bumping into them in an airport (yes you Liam O'Maonlai of the Hothouse Flowers) have shouted their name as I walked past them scaring them half to death!

Gemma Hayes deserves to enjoy a wider success outside of Ireland......not to say that she isn't doing too bad already. You see you may have heard her songs without realising......get this for a list of TV Programmes that have used them: The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, ER,  Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and many more in Ireland itself....not bad huh?

In a world of Factor, Idol, Talent and the rest it's about time that the truly talented cream rose to the top. If you don't own any of her songs already then go do it now. The new album is some of her best ever work so why not start there?

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