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#142 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Tripod (April 29th 2008)

Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Tripod April 29th 2008

Support: Ann Scott

Only saw half the gig but have seen Gemma enough times to know she is always special. A vastly underrated singer that needs to be heard by a lot more people. So why only half a gig tonight? Well you see football doesn't often get in the way of music in fact usually it is the other way round....but....United were playing Barcelona that night....and for a change football took precedence over music. It was the semi-final of the Champions League so give me a break.

What I did see was Gemma at her usual best. Great concert except for the annoying noisy people near the bar area which could be heard very clearly while Gemma played some of her quieter songs. This really, really annoys me at any gig but especially when the artist in question usually plays acoustic stuff. Why go if you are going to chat away at the bar....well at least they went I suppose and didn't miss half of it…

Ticket: April 29th 2008

Ticket Price: €22.50

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