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#122 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Village (July 6th 2006)

Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Village July 6th 2006

Support: Joe Chester

This was my first experience live of the wonderfully talented Gemma Hayes. The Irish singer / songwriter had first gained success with the 2002 album Night On My Side but it was 2005 before I became aware of her. After living five years in Ireland I had begun to see how many talented artists there where in the country. Bands such as the Frames and the Hothouse Flowers, as well as solo artists Damien Rice and Paddy Casey stood out among the many for me. In 2005 I heard a lot of Gemma Hayes as she had released her new album The Roads Don’t Love You at the time. Liking what I heard the next stage was to see her live.

Tonight's gig was in Dublin's Village venue, a small club but a venue that creates a great atmosphere. I went along with Lorraine and a few friends and luckily we managed to get very close to the stage. Unfortunately just to the left of us was the entrance for the toilets. Apart from having to move out of the way as people passed to do their business we had a great vantage point. For every “Excuse me can I just get by to the toilet please” there was a “Coming through!”…but it wasn’t too bad…not until the 50th person went by…

Gemma's voice effortlessly fixates me in a way other voices don’t. Live she proved that she was a great singer but also a great musician. Backed by collaborator and the support tonight, Joe Chester, Gemma sang with emotion and feeling and the crowd stood and listened. Gemma is no show woman but it doesn’t matter as apart from a few loud people at the bar everyone watched, seemingly entranced by her delicate voice.

Great singer. Great musician. I admit I fancy her a little bit too. 

Ticket: July 6th 2006

Ticket Price: €20.00

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