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#119 Guns N Roses @ Download Festival Dublin RDS Arena (June 9th 2006)

Guns N Roses @ Download Festival Dublin RDS Arena June 9th 2006

Support: Funeral For A Friend / Bullet For My Valentine / Special Guest: Sebastian Bach

Bringing the Download Festival over to Ireland was a great idea in theory but mistakes were made with the line-up and the venue. As a result this was to be the first and last Download in Ireland.

Some of the decisions that were made seemed particularly odd: 

- Putting it in a city centre (ish) location

- Not having a particularly great line up across the two nights

- Having it on a Friday and Sunday

- No camping

I think if a better venue had been found then the event would have had a much more festival feel. As it was it became a little disjointed. In spite of all this I actually really did enjoy the gig.

Tonight was a strange one in many ways as I really wasn't sure whether to see this version of Guns n Roses live. I had lived through the early '90s and seen the original band (minus Steven Adler) on numerous occasions. I went with a couple of fellow Gun's fans and we were all really glad we had made the late decision to go.

As it was a working day we only got to the venue around 7pm but we managed to get close enough to the front to be happy. The first thing that stood out for us was that Gun's n Roses came on stage bang on time. Yes Axl was prompt. In fact about two minutes early. As they strolled on stage, the opening bars to Welcome To the Jungle immediately got the crowd going. Following up with It’s So Easy, Mr Brownstone, Live and Let Die and Knockin’ On Heaven's Door…what a start. Unfortunately as is Axl’s want there then followed four different solos including a great instrumental of Beautiful (yes the Christina Aguilera song). New song Street Of Dreams was played and then followed up with another solo, a storming You Could Be Mine and then….another solo. We all got the feeling that Axl needed the breaks between songs to get his breath back but when he was on stage he was superb.

They were joined on stage by Sebastian Bach for a great rendition of My Michele and encored with the obligatory Paradise City.

All in all a really fantastic gig although maybe I enjoyed it more because I wasn’t really expecting anything. It wasn’t Gun’s n Roses I came to see, at least not this variant of them, it was Axl. I was happy to see he was still in good form albeit the over reliance on solos was annoying.

Alas just four years later he was to make a disastrous return.

Ticket: June 9th 2006

Ticket Price: €64.50

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